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Container and Cargo Management Solution
The Container and Cargo Management Solution (CCMS) is a state-of-the-art wireless solution that provides real-time monitoring of cargos in transit and in storage, securing both the cargo and the transporting vehicle. Meeting the demand for responsiveness we assure that cargos can be monitored in real-time though the supply chain from dispatch to final delivery. While the cargo is in its delivery route, the system monitores not only the location of the vehicle but also the opening and closing of the cargo container, reporting the changes in status to a control center whe never such changes takes place. It also could come with a sensor that monitors breakin into the container in an event where the door is by-passed.  
This solution will enable the client to track and monitorgoods for delivery in real time, with a host of features that will keep theclient better informed of any crucial events such as trip initiation, cargostatus, inspections, trip scheduling and deliveries. All collection anddelivery points will be geo-fenced to ensure that locking and setting of theDatalock can only be done in the loading zone and offloaded only in apredefined dropp-off point. With this system, the client will ultimately:
  • Have full visibility of cargo status and vehicle position of goods destined for local (within Nigeria) and /or regional (neighbouring countries) markets.
  • Have real time information of tracked goods and other bulk cargo.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of goods being tampered with, increasing quality assurance.
  • Automate real-time collection and analysis of essential information such as stations, clearance procedures undergone, documentation particulars (delivery manifest), increasing efficiency in the client’s procedures and management information for decision making.
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