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Fuel Level Monitoring (FLM)
Locator Networks Real Time Fuel Level Monitoring is an automated monitoring solution designed to monitor fuel level in remote filling stations, diesel storage tanks, tanker trucks, to give real-time information on the Fuel consumption in those tanks, as well as give daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly reports on fuel consumption, refill, from these tanks. With this, the client is able to achieve various benefits including but not limited to:
  • Validate information on quantity of fuel delivered to tanks.
  • Keep record of real-time inventory across tanks.
  • Reduce cost associated with the cumbersome manual processes.
  • Reconcile accounts and ensure that entire volume of fuel sold in filling stations is accounted for.
  • You pay for only what is delivered in your tanks.
  • Mitigate fuel fraud from storage tanks.
  • Collects and stores information about storage tanks or compartments for detailed analyzing.
In addition:
  • Get reports along with date and time stamp on each tank in all your sites.
  • Get SMS/E-Mail alerts on the fuel level going below or above a pre-defined level.
  • Check trucks real fuel consumption.
  • Check the use of working hours in the filling stations.
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