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LockAlert (Real Time Control)
“No knowledge, No pain”. In security, it is quite the opposite. No knowledge can cause you great pain and loss. With this in mind, Locator Networks has come up with “LOCKALERT”. The lock that both guards and reports. The ultimate Gatekeeper: Strong, Elegant and Hi-Tech. LockAlert combines a High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system. This is an inteligent intergration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.

Lockalet is your assigned security guard that reports every lock and unlock, ensuring your peace of mind by knowing that your valuables are closely supervised anytime, anywhere. The device is fully autonomous, does not rely on external power supply and operates in all weather conditions. It is simple, reliable and cost effective solution, so you remain in total control.
The Lockalert complete system consists of High Security padlock and an on- line web application, each provided separately. The on- line application is an internet based flexible events generator, enabling real- time monitoring from anywhere and at any time. The application features:
  • Database of locks (name, location etc.)
  • Definition of parameters that define irregular events, areas and times
  • Definition of the destination for sending alerts (E- MAIL, SMS)
  • Maps for the exact location of the lock
  • Specifications for ongoing reporting time intervals
  • Prevent unnecessary wandering.
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