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Tanker and Cargo Management (TCM)
The Tanker & Cargo Management (TCM) ensures that the fuel is intact in quality and quantity from point of loading to delivery points and therefore puts a stop to fuel theft in transit. The TCM ensures safe transport of consumer products by allowing both the client’s transport department and the driver to constantly monitor the status of the truck’s hatches and valves.
This solution will enable the client to track and monitor fuel for delivery in real time, with a host of features that will keep the client better informed of any crucial events such as trip initiation, cargo status, inspections, trip scheduling and deliveries. All collection and delivery points will be geo-fenced to ensure that locking and setting of the Datalock can only be done in the loading zone and offloaded only in a predefined dropp-off point. With this system, the client will ultimately:  
  • Have full visibility of cargo status and vehicle position of goods destined for local (within Nigeria) and /or regional (neighbouring countries) markets.
  • Have real time information of tracked petroleum and other bulk cargo.
  • Close loopholes for dumping transit goods locally.
  • Significantly reduce the risk of goods being tampered with, increasing quality assurance.
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